What We Do at MPI Connect

Picture a businesses’ top salesperson heading into the office on a Monday morning and finding the contact information for, and appointments set with, twenty pre-qualified prospects. What sort of week might one expect that sales person to have? As noted above, MPI Connect is a service that provides clients with the ability to streamline the sales process by setting appointments with qualified leads and putting them in front of the client’s sales teams. This allows our clients to spend significantly less of their time sifting through expensive lists to find people to meet with, and more time meeting with prospects already interested in their products and services. By hiring MPI, companies do not have to worry about hiring, firing training or managing their own people, while obtaining a service that allows them to gain and maintain a competitive edge over their competition. MPI Connect calls help clients build their sales pipelines through the sending out of targeted e-mails, setting up follow up calls to keep leads warm and most importantly, by setting up appointments with pre-screened guaranteed qualified leads. The call process further serves as a data gathering system by confirming and or clarifying, among other things, the correct names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of potential prospects, data that can subsequently be used in other marketing campaigns.

Outbound Calling

At MPI Connect our well trained sales representatives are ready to make 155 calls per week. On average we will get in contact with 31 people, set 2.3 appointments, schedule 16.5 follow up calls and get 7.5 E-mail
requests each week.

Add On Services

Our expertise allows us to offer several different services to help you achieve better results. Some services include: Additional Dials Per Week, Branded Marketing Materials, Web Design Services, Email Campaigns, Promotional Products and Premiums, Executive Coaching/Consulting, Sales Coaching and Data Handling Services.