MPI is a flexible service with the ability to market specifically to a target audience, and when the need arises, modify that target audience to reflect ever evolving conditions. It also features custom messaging and scripting tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients’ products, features and benefits. The service’s flexibility also applies to the relative duration of each call program, offering both long term and short term solutions as each particular marketing situation warrants. At MPI, our well trained sales representatives are ready to make 155 calls per week. On average we will get in personal contact with 31 people, set 2.3 appointments, schedule 16.5 follow up calls and get 7.5 E-mails requests each week. MPI’s continuing in-house training and product education takes the onus of costly training programs and hiring practices away from our client, as MPI’s proven systems are already in place. The sales reps at MPI are flexible, reliable and performance driven professionals who are tested regularly to ensure that they always meet specific metric performance results. This allows MPI’s clients to see direct, quantifiable results.


Getting to know our clients is our first priority. In order to help you achieve your goals, we must know your company to the best of our ability. Our client objective form helps up identify essential details which allows us to develop corresponding materials.


Our years of experience producing call scripts and email templates ensures that your message will be clear, effective and reflect your company's values and objectives.


Each call mines helpful data that can be used for the current and future campaigns. Our team is experienced in using a variety of CRM platforms. This allows us to be flexible and adapt in order to meet your business needs.


We provide weekly reports including; number of dials, contacts, follow up calls, information sent and appointments set. We also report on top objections and develop strategies to achieve the best obtainable results.